Kerry Davenport Clinical Hypnotherapist Bateau Bay, NSW

Kerry Davenport is a clinical hypnotherapist practicing at All Elements Hypnotherapy in Bateau Bay, Ernie & Tumbi Umbi, NSW


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All Elements Hypnotherapy
Bateau Bay, NSW 2261
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Association Memberships

  • Australian Hypnotherapists Association


  • Diploma of Hypnotherapy


Specialties / Areas of Interest

  • Weight Loss
  • Trauma
  • Performance Enhancement


About Kerry Davenport’s Practice

All Elements Hypnotherapy

My name is Kerry Davenport, I have a Diploma of Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming and I am a Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy. I am a Certified Trainer of Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy® and NLP and I am a Certified International life Coach and Reiki Master.

Prior to becoming a full-time practitioner, I worked for 25 years in the emergency services including 20 years as a sworn Police Officer. My life and sports coaching experience is extensive and diverse. I have helped individuals and teams from businesses and sport clubs, schools.

Today I work 2 days a week at the Lifestyle Medicine Centre located at Tumbi Umbi on the NSW Central Coast. We work collaboratively with the medical practitioners to help the clients improve their health, loose weight, release disempowering beliefs, phobias and provide them with the tools and knowledge to build empowering and positive futures.

I am also one of the 2020 voluntary community coaches for the Max Potential Leadership program running in NSW schools to help year 11 teenagers pursue their goals, create community projects and become future leaders.

Hypnotherapy me in so many ways that I went on to study and become a hypnotherapist. I’m committed to working with you to help you release unwanted behaviours, beliefs, phobias, negative emotions and addictions.

We don’t have to live with trauma, phobias, pain, flashbacks, excess weight, addictions or a need for cigarettes.

You don’t have to live with anxiety, or depression, or be constantly battling with negative emotions.

I embraced my journey with acknowledgement, acceptance and learning and today I am truly grateful to have discovered my passion and purpose of helping other people.

We don’t have to live with limiting beliefs, fears, pain, phobias, depression, or flashbacks. You can start losing weight and stop smoking today.

Take action today, release that small part within you that currently has control and start living a more purposeful, meaningful and loving life today.

Five reasons to call today
1. Guaranteed professionalism, integrity and confidentiality
2. Choose between face to face or via Skype or Zoom
3. Packages are available
4. My hours vary so you can book outside of 9-5.
5. Helping others is my passion and purpose.

Hypnosis sessions
The first session will take around 90 minutes. If you live far away or are simply unable to travel, a Skype session or Zoom session is all it takes to get started and it will be in the convenience, comfort and privacy of your own home. You are able to benefit from the same process as people who come to the practice.

Three prerequisites of change
1. Be at cause
2. Focus on what you want
3. Take Action

All my services are now virtual and are available via Zoom or Skype

Kerry Davenport is an HCA Registered Hypnotherapist practicing in Bateau Bay NSW

National Hypnotherapists Register

Member AHA