Silke Herwald Clinical Hypnotherapist Coolum Beach

Silke Herwald is a clinical hypnotherapist practicing at Australian Hypnotherapy Centre in Coolum Beach, Birtinya and Brisbane, QLD


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Australian Hypnotherapy Centre
4a / 5 Birtwill Street
Coolum Beach, QLD 4564
Ph: 07 5351 1970
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Association Memberships

  • Australian Hypnotherapists Association


  • Master Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Master Practitioner NLP
  • Supervisor AHA & ASCH


Specialties / Areas of Interest

  •  Anxiety & Phobias
  • Grief & Bereavement
  • Confidence & Self esteem
  • Sports Performance


About Silke Herwald’s Practice

I help people get relief from emotional pain.

I help people get relief from emotional pain.
My professional hypnotherapy clinics are located on the Sunshine Coast, in Coolum Beach and Birtinya and in Brisbane.

As a Master Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of NLP I have over 10 years of experience. I help people from all walks of life become more of the person they want to be. Happier, calmer, more at peace, confident and in control. So they feel lighter, better about themselves with a new found trust in their own ability to make changes.
If in any area of your life you don’t get what you want then that doesn’t mean you are broken or ‘not good enough’.
You just have some old, often outdated, subconscious patterns that kept you stuck.
A well trained, experienced and qualified hypnotherapist is your best bet to get rid of those patterns.
My clients report that they feel lighter, more energetic and as if a weight has been lifted.

Anxiety, fears and phobias are to some degree a learned response and as such you can unlearn those. It is possible to retrain your subconscious reactions with hypnosis. Can you imagine reacting differently in the same situation?

Due to my own life experiences I have specialised in helping people through grief with hypnotherapy. Unfortunately the older we get and the more we love the more we need to learn to grieve resourcefully…
I have personally been there. I help the bereaved and grieving get to a point of peace.
My goal is for everyone to be able to remember their loved ones in a way that truly honours the deceased. In a way they’d want to be remembered… Being able to remember the good memories in a way that makes you feel good…
That is grieving resourcefully. And I can help you.

A little bit about me: I believe in my clients, usually more than they believe in themselves… I believe in your ability to make changes, even when you don’t.
I know that nobody is broken hence doesn’t need to be fixed.
There is just some outdated software that could do with an update.

I have undergone extensive training in Australia, the UK, the Netherlands and Germany. I am a clinical Supervisor for both the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists and the Australian Hypnotherapists Association.
My private hypnotherapy centres are situated on the Sunshine Coast (Coolum Beach and Birtinya) and in Brisbane (Paddington).

I often travel interstate for private and corporate clients. And I work with clients from all over the world online.

Before I became a clinical hypnotherapist I worked in the Corporate world and spent a lot of my time being stressed and anxious… I grew up speaking both German and English and a bit of Japanese, because I spent 11 years in Japan as a kid.
Australia has been my home for the last 14 years. I live with my husband and our two Border Collies on the Sunshine Coast.
I have 11 years of experience working as professional, clinical hypnotherapist on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane.

Silke Herwald Clinical Hypnotherapist Coolum Beach, Queensland – HCA Registered Hypnotherapist

National Hypnotherapists Register

Member AHA