Portia Reading Clinical Hypnotherapist Dewhurst 

Portia Reading is a clinical hypnotherapist practicing at Dewhurst, VIC 3808


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Dr Portia Reading
Dewhurst, VIC 3808
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Web: https://www.drportiareading.com/  mindfulofjesus.com


Association Memberships

  • Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy


  • Diploma of Health – Clinical Hypnosis FAAHS
  • Post Graduate Diploma of Psychotherapy FAAHS
  • Cert. IV Counselling and Conflict Resolution FAAHS
  • Cert. App Psychotherapy – Human Givens MAACHP
  • Master Prac. NLP, Time Line & Hypnotherapy MABNLP
  • Nutritional Medicine with Private Health recognition MCMA
  • Diploma of Natural Therapies MCMA
  • Advanced Microscopy BVPMMS
  • smartDNA certified
  • MTHFR gene support certified
  • Cert. IV Assessment & Workplace Training
  • Former lecturer & examiner: Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science


Specialties / Areas of Interest

  • Psychotherapy and Psycho-nutrition. Supporting mental health through emotional enhancement techniques, Nutritional Medicine, diet, lifestyle and meditation.


About Portia Reading’s Practice

I work to support you by first enhancing the chemistry of your brain to reduce inflammation and improve neurotransmitter balance with Nutritional Medicine.

Then, with improved neurological function in place, what remains of your symptoms like anxiety and depression can be processed with psychotherapeutic techniques directed at your emotional needs.

Much suffering arises when needs are not being met. I help you identify unmet needs and then develop resources to take the action required to meet those needs. This is done by remembering and reinforcing positive states, and then rehearsing your desired outcomes from this position of resourcefulness.

This strengthens favourable neurological pathways so that over time, you become more adept at the process of meeting your needs with concomitant satisfaction and joy in your life. Essentially, we are laying down new positive patterns of mood and behaviour.

While I do work with clearing negativity of the past, years of clinical practice has shown that we strengthen what we focus on, so I like to release past pain, and then move forward to strengthening the positive and the good.

National Hypnotherapists Register

Member AACHP

Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy