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Richard Whitehurst is a clinical hypnotherapist practicing at Whitehurst Hypnotics at High On Chi in Noosaville, QLD


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Whitehurst Hypnotics at High On Chi
4/22 Venture Drive
Noosaville, QLD 4566
Ph: 0439 596 208
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Association Memberships

  • Australian Hypnotherapists Association


  • Dip Clinical Hypnosis
  • Dip Advanced Hypnosis
  • CTHM – Certified Trainer HeartMath


Specialties / Areas of Interest

  • Emotional Challenges – loss – sadness – anxiety – depression – hopelessness – alienation – anger – shame – guilt – betrayal – fear – climate despair. etc. Future Visioning – life purpose – life meaning – meaningful engagement – successful outcomes – fulfilment in living


About Richard Whitehurst’s Practice

I was born in the USA and attended the University of Florida in the 1970’s. I have an extensive background in consciousness studies and the transformation of consciousness, beginning experientially in 1970. I moved to Australia some 30 years ago and have been practicing Ericksonian psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis here since 1991.

For a number of years I have been a lecturer at a school for training psychotherapists and hypnotherapists in Brisbane ~ The David Kennedy School of Hypnosis. My clinical experience has introduced me to tens of thousands of amazing people with a vast array of challenges and issues. I have run numerous workshops and lectured all over the world. I am constantly engaged in study, learning both conceptually and experientially.

I orient from the heart synergistically ~ wherein the whole is greater than the sum of the parts – and where there is the abiding understanding that we human beings are far more than complex processes in the brain. Mine is a transpersonal foundation with a broad array of influences including: Ernest Rossi, Stephen Gilligan, Douglas Flemons, Milton Erickson, C. G. Jung, Robert Lanza, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Rumi, Joseph Campbell, Thomas Berry, Nisargadatta, Richard Tarnas, Connirae Andreas, Irvin Yalom, Arthur Deikman, and numerous others.

I regularly feel the amazing emergence of a living concordance – ‘heart connection with’ – that is so clearly evident in working with my clients ~ wherein a living connection occurs free of judgement, meddling analysis, and pushy advice. I find the main driver for me personally is taking up the challenge of working with my amazing clients and watching the transformations unfold as they go through their unique healing journeys through our mutual involvement and efforts. My orientation is one of personal empowerment that sees hypnosis not as a ‘fix,’ but rather as a therapeutic medium and specialised learning environment that promotes change and deep generative transformation.

My view is that life doesn’t happen to us, but for us … that if we can conceive a life-affirming outcome – and believe in that possibility, that in time we will perceive and overtly achieve that desired outcome. I have seen thousands of examples of this process. I enjoy teaching my clients methods to modulate their emotional states and to gain empowerment through a solid understanding of the emotional geography of the body; since the body really does keep the score.

In a broader context am the founder/director of The Overview Institute of Australia that is dedicated to expanding awareness of the extremely relevant planetary perspective. I also present educational programs in that vein through my website . I have had a private clinical practice since 1991 and have also worked in larger facilities as a member of various teams since 2008.

Call me and ask as many questions as you like. ~ Richard

Richard Whitehurst Clinical Hypnotherapist Noosaville, Queensland – HCA Registered Hypnotherapist

National Hypnotherapists Register

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