Diane Kirkham Clinical Hypnotherapist Red Hill

Diane Kirkham is a clinical hypnotherapist practicing at APT Hypnotherapy in Red Hill QLD.

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APT Hypnotherapy
148, Arthur Terrace
Red Hill QLD, 4059
Ph: 0408 009 073
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Web: apthypnotherapy.com

Association Memberships

  • Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists (GoAH)


  • Master of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Master NLP practitioner
  • Thought Field Therapy
  • Diploma of Modern Psychology
  • Master of Business Administration

Specialties / Areas of Interest

  • Alcohol – regain control
  • Overcome Anxiety
  • Change unwanted behaviours and negative beliefs
  • Trauma – become emotionally free comfortably
  • Phobias
  • Fears
  • Stress and Burn out
  • Performance – sports, business, personal
  • Learning and capability
  • Grief
  • Medical hypnosis
  • Weight loss
  • Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

About Diane Kirkham’s Practice

Diane Kirkham Clinical Hypnotherapist Red Hill, QLD
Diane’s practice is a calm nurturing confidential environment in Red Hill, Brisbane Queensland Australia enabling individuals to rapidly transform their lives.

No matter what your presenting condition, as you comfortably relax working with Diane, you have the opportunity to become the best version of yourself, live the life you want to live and be ready to take on the world again. We are all unique and your clinical hypnotherapy sessions are specifically tailored to you. I use the most effective techniques for your needs to enable you to reprogram your subconscious and conscious minds to communicate more effectively to support you to set and achieve your goals.

Just imagine if you could use the power of your mind to achieve what you want to achieve.

How Diane can help you:

Perhaps anxiety or negative thoughts is preventing you from doing the things that you want to do in life? and you are now avoiding social situations or developing unhealthy coping behaviours, keeping you stuck in your not so comfortable comfort zone.

You have lost control of alcohol and one too many or bingeing is becoming a daily habit affecting your health, relationships, life.

Are you having difficulty dealing with a life limiting diagnosis or chronic illness? Or even the thought of a medical appointment or procedure limits your self care. Hypnotherapy can help you overcome your fears and live your life positively everyday.

Let me help you comfortably and quickly escape the horrors of trauma, PTSD or phobias without going over the traumatic incident again. Enabling you to become emotionally free to live the life you want and be ready to take on the world again.

Do you need a little help for focus and concentration? maybe the thought of exams or tests makes you anxious. Can’t remember what you read on the page or the words are a bit jumbly. Hypnosis for learning can help you train your brain to build the motivation, focus and confidence you need to unlock your potential and succeed.

Margins matter whether in business or sport. If you have a mental block when it comes to achieving your goals, or can’t find that edge any more, maybe that 50 cm putt feels like 5m or you’ve begun to dread giving a presentation or speaking up in the weekly team meeting. Hypnotherapy can help you relax, focus and be a winner again.

Are you struggling to find the diet to maintain that weight loss? Hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you succeed naturally, and set you up to improve your overall health and well-being for the long-term.

Diane Kirkham, Clinical Hypnotherapist Red Hill, QLD is an HCA Accredited Hypnotherapist listed on the Australian National Hypnotherapists Register

The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia is Australia’s Peak Body for Hypnotherapy

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Member GoAH

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