Fabienne Chevalier Clinical Hypnotherapist Sunbury

Fabienne Chevalier is a clinical hypnotherapist practicing at Dr Fabienne in Sunbury, VIC. 3429 and online


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Dr Fabienne
Sunbury, VIC 3429
Ph: 0456 903 628
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Website: drfabienne.com.au


Association Memberships

  • Australian¬†Hypnotherapists Association


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Specialties / Areas of Interest

  • Depression, anxiety, trauma, fears, phobias and sleep issues


About Fabienne Chevalier’s Practice

We help you to break free from anxiety, depression, trauma, fears, phobias and sleep issues so you can get back control, regain confidence naturally and easily and live well again.

Are you feeling depressed, anxious and like you have no control over your life and emotions? Are you haunted and traumatised by past events in your life such as abusive relationships, sexual abuse, accidents, natural disasters or attacks trapping you into an ongoing cyle of negative thinking spiralling out of control, nightmares, flashbacks, panic, fear? Are you a working mother feeling anxious and guilty about wanting to maintain your identity as a professional whilst being a good mum? Are you struggling to cope with worsening emotions and feeling like you are losing control. Breaking free from anxiety, depression, trauma and emotional blockages, believing in yourself again, rebuilding your self esteem and feeling calm, confident, strong and in control is easier than you think!