Sandy Wong Clinical Hypnotherapist Toowong

Sandy Wong is a clinical hypnotherapist practicing at Make It Happen Hypnotherapy in Toowong, QLD


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Make It Happen Hypnotherapy
2 Benson Street, Benson House
Toowong, QLD 4066
Ph: 0475 159 415
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Association Memberships

  • Australian¬†Hypnotherapists Association


  • Diploma of Hypno-Counselling, Hypno-Meditation Certificate accredited by Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (Australia)
  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique(QHHT) by QHHT Official
  • Executive Master Coach accredited by Life Coaching Academy (Australia)
  • Certificate in Breakthrough Life Coaching accredited by Australian & New Zealand Institute of Coaching
  • Certified HypnoAbundance Practitioner issued by The Art of Optimism Ltd (New Zealand)
  • Hypnosis Certification issued by Institute of Mental Technology(Hong Kong)


Specialties / Areas of Interest

Clinical Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy
Stress management, Generalised Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Nail Biting, IBS, Insomnia, OCD, Self Esteem, Confidence, Trauma recovery (including PTSD), Depression, Smoking Addiction, Obesity, Diabetes, Eating Disorders, Alcohol/Gambling/Drugs/other Addiction, Panic disorder, Fear & Phobia, Chronic Pain, Migraines & Headaches, Fertility, Childbirth, etc.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

  • Connect with higher self, higher consciousness, subconscious, universal mind or oversoul
  • Where deep insight & healing occur
  • YOU are healing yourself in this guided experience
  • YOU (the higher self) telling YOU (the conscious self) what the root causes and issues are and how the healing is occuring


About Sandy Wong’s Practice

I am an HCA Registered Hypnotherapist Psychotherapist. I help people to find out the root causes of their problems and then extinguishing them forever, achieving the changes that they wish. All my clients experienced transformation and achieved fantastic results.

I offer the latest insight and resources that encourage equilibrium of mind and body, guiding people to achieve resilience, inner peace, success and self-mastery by learning practical and proven strategies to navigate stress and conquer obstacles to enjoy true happiness in every aspect of their life, so as to become the person they really want to be.

Focuses on mental health, wellbeing and personal development. Her professional therapy is provided with evidence-based medical practice for clients with psychological and emotional difficulties.

Helped many clients who struggled in life and helped them move on in their life in a much happier and healthier way

Experienced in Clinical Practice, high successful rate and lasting result for any issues.

Therapy is not restricted to location as it is a very successful therapy, any video call media is welcomed.

Sandy Wong is an HCA Registered Hypnotherapist practicing in Toowong, QLD