Hypnotherapy Council of Australia

Hypnotherapy Council of Australia


National Register of Australian Hypnotherapists

Welcome to the HCA Australian National Hypnotherapists Register. This National Hypnotherapists Register provides you with relevant information to help you find a qualified, accredited Hypnotherapist, and acts as a valuable, easy to access resource for both the public, government agencies and other professional bodies.

This National Hypnotherapists Register is a single point of contact that allows you to access information on Hypnotherapists who belong to HCA recognised associations right across Australia. Although the associations have their own listings, this Register unites the Hypnotherapy profession to give you a single, easy and reliable source of information so you can find the hypnotherapist you need, regardless of which recognised association they belong to, or where they practice.  It is your reassurance that the hypnotherapist you choose is qualified, and meets HCA ethical and practice standards.

The Register is managed by the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA) which is the peak body for the profession in Australia and is recognised by state and federal governments, professional associations, educational institutions and industry bodies.


What is an HCA Accredited Hypnotherapist?

To list on this HCA National Register, Hypnotherapists must belong to a recognised HCA member professional hypnotherapy association.  To gain that association membership, the Hypnotherapist must have verifiable qualifications and training equal to or beyond the HCA and the association’s standards, and they must continue to meet all required standards for ethical practice, supervision and ongoing professional development.

HCA Accredited HypnotherapistThe qualified hypnotherapists listed on the HCA National Register are recognised as HCA Registered Hypnotherapists.  They can be easily identified by their use of the initials “HCARH” and HCA Registered Hypnotherapists logo, differentiating them from those practitioners who work outside of this professional recognition.

The HCA National Register of Australian Hypnotherapists provides a clear and easily accessible reference base, allowing you to more easily find suitably qualified, caring and ethical hypnotherapists at locations across Australia.

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