HCA National Hypnotherapists Register

Frequently Asked Questions About This Register


The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA) National Hypnotherapists Register is the profession’s official register of qualified hypnotherapists in Australia and is designed to provide a comprehensive list of hypnotherapists for the Australian community.

These hypnotherapists have been stringently assessed against the Register Eligibility Criteria and have demonstrated an approved level of professional training, competence and ethics. All hypnotherapists listed on this register are current members of a member association of the HCA  which in turn is the Peak Body for hypnotherapy in Australia.

Below are some of the most common questions asked about the HCA National Hypnotherapists Register and about finding a registered hypnotherapist in Australia.

Why the HCA National Register Hypnotherapists?
There has recently been a lot of discussion in the profession regarding the importance of therapists being listed on a single national register. In the past most associations have operated a register of members and many still do, however the purpose of the HCA National Register of Hypnotherapists is to assist the the public in finding and selecting a suitably qualified and professional hypnotherapist on a single website.
Why is it important to be on a the HCA National Register?

For a clinical hypnotherapist being listed on the HCA National Hypnotherapists Register is beneficial for the following reasons:

  1. It establishes a level of transparency and creditability amongst clients and peers attesting to your level of qualification and experience. At this time hypnotherapists are not required by law to meet mandatory national standards of training. Therefore the only way the public can protect themselves against poor services is through seeking services from a registered hypnotherapist.
  2. Registration with the HCA National Hypnotherapists Register through your association is now a nationally recognised symbol of quality assurance for government, private health funds, and the general public.
  3. The HCA will promote the benefits of clinical hypnotherapy to the government and/or private health funds and other agencies and ensure that the public are directed to this register. Therefore if you are not on the HCA National Hypnotherapists Register you will miss out.
  4. Listing reflects accountability to a peak professional body though your association and is a symbol of quality of service to the public. If a hypnotherapist is not registered or a member of an HCA member association there are limited, if any options for complaints to be heard in a professional manner. However if a hypnotherapist is an association member and listed on the HCA National Hypnotherapists Register a formal complaint can be made to their association and in the final event to the Complaints Board of the HCA. Outcomes of a complaint can result in deregistration, which has overlapping consequences over and above just being deregistered.
  5. Listing can serve as an excellent referral base. The only way a member of the public can be assured that their hypnotherapist is qualified and accountable is through registration on a national register.
Who can be listed on the HCA National Register?
Only a professional hypnotherapist who is a member in good standing of an Hypnotherapy Council of Australia Member Association is eligible to be listed on the register.  They then have to meet that association’s membership and annual commitments to supervision and ongoing professional development for continued listing. These stringent requirements are the public’s safeguard.
What if a therapist's name is not listed on the HCA National Register

If you are seeking a hypnotherapist and they are not listed on the HCA Australian Hypnotherapists Register it may be that either they:

  • may not be eligible to be registered with the HCA Register
  • do not meet membership standards
  • may not have met the mandatory annual renewal requirements
  • may have been de-registered due to a complaint or other reason
  • may not yet have sought registration.

This register has been established as a resource to enable the public to easily find qualified, registered hypnotherapist as in a climate of de-regulation it can sometimes be difficult to know whether a therapist has the necessary qualifications and professional expertise to visit with confidence.

How can a member of the public make a complaint?
In the first instance any complaint about a hypnotherapist should be made to that hypnotherapists association. The complaints procedures for various associations may differ and details can be found on association websites.
What is the HCA's Code of Conduct?
Codes of Ethics and Standards can be found on member association websites. The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia’s Handbook of Ethical Practice, which is the minimum standard acceptable for hypnotherapists listed on this register can be downloaded from the HCA website here: Handbook of Ethical Practice – HCA

National Hypnotherapists Register