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Kristina Sincek is a clinical hypnotherapist practicing at The Visionary Mindcoach in Camden, NSW


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The Visionary Mindcoach
9a Jamaica Park Rd
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Ph: 0414 475 996
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Association Memberships

  • International Strategic Psychotherapists Association



  • BA (Psychology)
  • Diploma (Clinical Hypnosis + Strategic Psychotherapy)


Specialties / Areas of Interest

I specialise in working with teens and parents. Specifically in the areas of anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

I also have a special interest in general performance and mindset training, for both teams and individuals.


About Kristina Sincek’s Practice

We all get a little stuck sometimes. How many of us have been in a certain situation where we react in a predictable way and then think… “why do I DO that? I wish I didn’t do that”.

One example might be public speaking. You might know the scenario: hours of research spent to create a well written, entertaining or knowledgeable presentation. Yet your knees turn to jelly and your heart flips out at the thought of walking to the front of the room to deliver it.

Another example might be over eating. You logically know the doughnuts are too high in sugar and fat… or the hot chips are not good for your blood pressure or cholesterol. But….

Another example could be anxious thoughts – you know you don’t want them, but yet they are there.

The examples could go on endlessly…. Smoking, phobias, low self-esteem, anger, procrastination, insomnia, nail biting, teeth grinding, performance anxiety, short fuse with the kids, bad choices in personal relationships…

Consciously we may know what is good for us or what we want. So why is it that we can’t make that happen?

The answer lies within.

Our conscious mind is only the tip of the iceberg. The “conscious” is where our critical thinking and analysis lies; which is why we can say we know we want things to change.

Deeper within our psyche lies the unconscious (or subconscious). The unconscious is home to our emotions, our belief systems, our values, memories, habits and operating systems. Essentially it holds all our patterning. And the mind is an efficient tool. When faced with any given situation, it will usually go to its most efficient response. A PATTERNED response. One that has been developed over the course of your life learnings. The pattern that lies within the unconscious.

So when we say “we don’t know why” we act / think a certain way or say the things we do… that’s because it’s coming from a place deeper than critical thought or conscious mind.

It’s coming from the unconscious.

Neuroscience has shown that a massive 95% of our choices, thoughts and behaviours come from the UNCONSCIOUS. A space that we are not generally aware of from day to day.

And if the problem pattern is generated from the unconscious, then that’s where we need to do the work to create positive change.And that is where New Horizons Hypnotherapy can help.

Within our sessions, we use Strategic Psychotherapy to identify the underlying thought structures or patterning that are upholding your presenting problem. Then we use Clinical Hypnosis to access the unconscious levels required to make positive change to break your old patterns and create the outcomes that you want.

It is Brief Therapy; which means we work to get the results you want in a few sessions only. Most presenting problems can be resolved within 3 to 6 sessions; depending on individual circumstances.

Change is not only possible, but it is happening around us every day.

So why not work on making some positive personal change; to change our lives for the better.

Hypnotherapy is also excellent for physical based issues. In fact much of the strongest research showing the effectiveness of Clinical

Hypnosis is within pain management. Our mind and body are more connected than we realise. So if you have explored all medical options, yet still struggle with chronic pain, migraines, weight loss or anything with a physical component, New Horizons Hypnotherapy may be able help.

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