Christine Stewart Clinical Hypnotherapist Gumdale

Christine Stewart is a clinical hypnotherapist practicing in Gumdale, QLD.

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3 Wilson Place, Gumdale, QLD 4154

Ph: 0421 182 256

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Association Memberships

  • GoAH
  • Australian Hypnotherapists Association


  • Diploma of Clinical HYpnotherapy & Applied Psychotherapy (HTCA)

Specialties / Areas of Interest

Gut directed hypnotherapy

About Christine’s Practice

As a Registered Nutritionist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, I specialise in reducing the uncomfortable symptoms of IBS and helping clients gain a love of food again.

With expertise in diet and lifestyle therapies, a deep understanding of the gut microbiome and training in hypnotherapy, my Hypnobiome™ program uses a unique approach, incorporating all three evidence-based fields related to IBS.

The Hypnobiome Program is a six week program offering personalised online support via zoom. The program focuses on three key pillars;

– Hypnotherapy – to improve the gut-brain interaction (how the gut and brain communicate to each other)

– The Gut Microbiome – advanced technology using metagenomic sequencing provides insight into the balance of bacteria in the large colon

– Nutrition – reducing the need for restrictive diets and learning how to enjoy eating food again

The aims of the Hypnobiome™ program are to teach you how your mind interprets pain and stress signals, help you address any miscommunication happening between your brain and gut that may trigger IBS symptoms, provide you with lifelong IBS management skills so you can take back control and improve your quality of life.

As a Nutritionist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, I can not diagnose IBS. A clear diagnosis must be obtained by a qualified medical practitioner before implementing any treatments or protocols.

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