Bettina Venner Clinical Hypnotherapist Littlehampton

Bettina Venner is a clinical hypnotherapist practicing at Adelaide Hills Hypnotherapy in Littlehampton, SA


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Adelaide Hills Hypnotherapy
Littlehampton, SA 5250
Ph: 0410 276 327
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Association Memberships

  • Australian Hypnotherapists Association


  • Cert.Hyp.(ICHP)


Specialties / Areas of Interest

  • Clinical hypnotherapy areas of interest are building confidence, stress management, enhanced performance, public speaking, and support for medical treatments including pain management and childbirth.


About Bettina Venner’s Practice, Adelaide Hills Hypnotherapy

Having trained with the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (ICHP), Harry and Bettina Venner are sharing the healing benefits of clinical hypnotherapy with the community at Adelaide Hills Hypnotherapy.
Hypnosis is a natural, drug free and powerful way of healing, dealing with problems and providing a rapid, personalised and permanent solution to many mental and physical health issues.

We offer a client centred approach that supports you to achieve your goals rapidly and effectively, with lasting positive change.
Contact us for help with building confidence, managing stress, anxiety and depression, enhancing your performance and controlling habits, including stopping smoking and weight loss.

We also offer the Lotus Program for enhanced personal resilience and wellbeing.
The Lotus Program

The Lotus Program is a structured program developed by the Institute for Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy for learning, optimising, transforming and understanding the self. We will work with you to identify areas of your life that you would like to improve for your enhanced wellbeing, for example self-acceptance, personal growth, autonomy, life direction and purpose, taking charge of your personal situation, improving your mental and physical health, and your personal relationships. Utilising a positive psychology approach, and employing an altered state of consciousness, we will work with you to enhance your personal resilience and wellbeing. The program entails several sessions personalised to your needs, and  includes positive interventions for ego strengthening, future pacing and improving emotional regulation.

If you’re unsure whether clinical hypnotherapy is right for you, feel free to contact us for a confidential consultation. The first half hour is obligation-free.