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About Meagan Pittaway’s Practice

Meagan Pittaway Clinical HypnotherapistWelcome to what could be the first steps towards ‘Finding Your You’.

Placing priority importance on your health and well-being and investigating an alternative therapy to medication and traditional counselling could well prove to be life-changing for you.

I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist. Working behind the scenes I have been gaining the knowledge required to help others get to where they wish to be in life, a place without apprehension and worry, a place where people are able to feel their true selves again.

By peeling back the layers of conditioning, habits and learned processes, you can recreate a solid foundation to tackle everyday life’s ups and downs with the sound knowledge that you can and will be able to get through anything with yourself by your side. I call this “Finding Your You”.

Our brain in phenomenal and as such, anything learned can be unlearned and retaught with the correct guidance and direction.

Combining Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy is a great way to break down each problem one is facing. Asking the hard questions as to how a problem is affecting you, how it manifests itself within and how it is being maintained is a pivotal process to effectively dissolving the problem from its core. Once we understand how our processes are running, we can then bring them to our consciousness for correction.

We often run our lives on autopilot, and this is done through repetition and learned process. We are greatly influenced by a multitude of factors in life and learning which ones are healthy for us and which ones aren’t is a skill that everyone can have, sometimes we just need a little guidance. What works for one person, does not necessarily work for another and that is ok, we are all unique. Figuring out what works best for ourselves and how we view the world is essential.

Once we determine how the problem is caused and how it is preventing us from moving forward, we can move into hypnotherapy where I am able to speak directly to your inner world, where we can learn or relearn processes that will help you move forward with skills that will be with you for the rest of your life. Skills that enable you to stay in your power. Skills that will help you determine what you want and how you will get it.

Hypnotherapy can also help you find a place within that is peaceful and you can retreat to that space anytime you choose to reconnect with yourself and find that peace we all need at times.

“When you know yourself, you are EMPOWERED…
When you accept yourself, you are INVINCIBLE”

Join me in rediscovering the true you – who you really want to be!

With love and warmth,


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