Andrew Stone Clinical Hypnotherapist St Kilda West VIC

Andrew Stone is a clinical hypnotherapist practicing at Stone Wellbeing in St Kilda West VIC 3182


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Stone Wellbeing
St Kilda West VIC 3182

Ph: 0423 143 664
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Association Memberships

  • Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists


  • Dip. Clinical Hypnotic Sciences (HTA)
  • Dip. Prof Coaching (AIPC)
  • Cert. Health Coach (HCI)
  • Cert. Life Coach (HCI)
  • Cert. Practitioner The Richards Trauma Process™ (TRTP)


Specialties / Areas of Interest

  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • PTSD


About Andrew Stone’s Practice

Clinical Hypnotherapist St Kilda, VIC

I have spent over 20 years in a successful corporate career, mentoring and coaching people. During that time I was surrounded by people who were very stressed. Being stressed need not be unhealthy but how it impacts us can be highly unhealthy if it involves anxiety, neglect or avoidance. Many of us, myself included, start out in life with issues already, so adding stress and unhealthy coping is very challenging.

My focus now is to help individuals resolve anxiety, psychological trauma, PTSD or work burn-out in a safe and effective way. This includes resetting limiting beliefs that just aren’t true and hold you stuck.

Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, self-sabotage and mood swings are symptoms of past or present unresolved psychological events or situations. For some, these conditions come from a life without feeling love and connection. Instead of providing symptom management, as other therapies do, my practice is about resolution.

My intention is to heal and get you well. I will meet you where you are, as you are. Always supportive and there to help you move to a place of healing and resolution. I will show you complete support and acceptance no matter what you have said or done or whatever has happened to you. This does not constitute permission or endorsement of behaviour but is a focus on the emotions that these experiences involve.

I use a combination of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy techniques so you can be empowered in your wellness. Using TRTP™ is especially effective at removing the emotional charge from unresolved events or situations so that the healing can begin. TRTP™ is a very structured, yet dynamic process and is the primary modality I practise.

Based in Melbourne, Australia. I work with clients nationally and internationally. All online, one-to-one and completely confidential.

National Hypnotherapists Register

Member GoAH

Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists