Karen Levido Clinical Hypnotherapist Tathra, NSW

Karen Levido is a clinical hypnotherapist practicing at Balance Hypno in Tathra, NSW 2550


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Balance Hypno
2/15 Bega St
Tathra, NSW 2550
Ph: 0488 130 914
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Website: TBA


Association Memberships

  • International Strategic Psychotherapists Association



  • Clinical Hypnosis
  • Strategic Psychotherapy
  • NLP


Specialties / Areas of Interest

  • Anxiety
  • Stage of life changes
  • Moving forward


About Karen Levido’s Practice

Clinical Hypnotherapist Tathra
Working with my clients to …
Balance – Inside and outside worlds
Connect – to self, community and larger.
Move forward – leaving the past where it should be.
Control – what you can and be at peace with what you can’t.
Become Aware – of how your thoughts impact on your life, relationships, work, social life, health.
Self talk – what are you telling yourself? How kind are you to the person you influence the most, and spend all of your time with?
Change – with intent, rather then letting the changes happen without choice. Change is inevitable.
Thoughts and feelings – which ones are relevant and worthy of giving air time to. Which ones will pass.
Action – taking the steps to reach your goals.
Strengths and Resources – remembering what depths of strengths and resources are within, using them and gaining more.

Karen Levido, Clinical Hypnotherapist Tathra, NSW is an HCA Accredited Hypnotherapist listed on the Australian National Hypnotherapists Register

The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia is Australia’s Peak Body for Hypnotherapy

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