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Linda Ruiter-Dawson is a Clinical Hypnotherapist


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Association Memberships

  • Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists

  • Membership Level: Other

  • Association Membership Number: 2023030

  • Secondary Association Membership (if applicable): Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists


  •    Diploma in Clinical Hypnotic Sciences
  •    Cert IV Professional Coach (Life Coaching)
  •    Diploma Professional Styling
  •    Diploma of Training Design
  •    Diploma of Vocational Education & Training
  •    Cert IV Training & Assessment
  •    Bachelor of Commerce (HRM, Mgt, IR)
  •    Cert III Fitness
  •    DeTrauma Technique™ Certified Practitioner
  •    Certificate in Psychology & Gestalt (Yr1)
  •    Certified David Kessler Grief Educator
  •    Qualified Fertile Body Therapist
  •    PSYCH-K® Master Facilitator
  •    HeartMath® Certified Coach/Mentor
  •    Certified Wellness Coach
  •    Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner
  •    Mindfulness (Meditation) Teacher
  •    Certificate in Conversational Hypnosis


Specialties / Areas of Interest

  •    Women’s health and wellbeing
  •    Resilience
  •    Mind-body fertility
  •    Grief and loss
  •    Anxiety
  •    Trauma
  •    Life transitions
  •    Ancestral healing
  •    Autoimmune conditions
  •    Chronic pain


About Linda Ruiter-Dawson’ Practice

As a clinical hypnotherapist and multi-modality wellbeing professional, I’m passionate about all things health, happiness and vitality.

Through my extensive education, I have gained a wide and varied range of qualifications and certifications. Combined with my professional experience, these enable me to offer deep, powerful and holistic expertise to support you in achieving your goals and desires – whether focused on small change or broad transformation.

As is often the case, my most transformative learning has come through my real, raw and oftentimes painful experiences. As Bessel van der Kolk is known for saying “all research is me-search”! And through my own healing journey and ‘me-search’, I’ve learned that the only true and lasting keys to health, happiness, vitality and freedom come from changing ourselves – from within. We have a lot more power and choice than we tend to give ourselves credit for.

In addition to clinical hypnotherapy, life and wellness coaching, my corporate coaching and leadership consulting background equips me well for supporting my clients though a range of both personal and professional challenges, in holistic and ‘root-cause’ fashion.

I possess special interests in:

  •    Women’s health and wellbeing
  •    Resilience
  •    Mind-body fertility
  •    Grief and loss
  •    Anxiety
  •    Trauma
  •    Life transitions
  •    Ancestral healing
  •    Autoimmune conditions
  •    Chronic pain


My clinical hypnotherapy practice is 100% online, based from Serpentine (Perth), Western Australia.


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